Tips to Help You Plan A Successful Visit for Mr. Little

Team with Other Schools or Organizations and Get a Discount

• Are there any other schools, PTAs/PTOs, libraries, bookstores, businesses or community organizations in your area who would be interested in having Mr. Little come to present? If so, this might defer some of your honorarium and travel costs.

Timing Is Everything

• Invite Mr. Little well in advance. It’s best to extend an invitation three to six months ahead of your scheduled event. Shorter notices may work, but if you have a particular day in mind, the sooner the contact, the better. One year in advance is acceptable.

• Have a date in mind before making contact with Mr. Little. In the event that your primary date is unavailable, have at least one or two other dates as alternatives.

• Once the date and terms have been established, a detailed contract confirming the visit, including travel arrangements will be sent to you.

Plan Your Day

• Know what the day will look like in terms of presentations and audiences. For example, know how many presentations Mr. Little will be asked to make. His full-day fee includes up to three presentations. Prepare a schedule of activities and the logistics for transportation.

Venue and Logistics

• If the event will be held in a room larger than the library (gym, auditorium, multi-purpose room, cafeteria, etc.), a P/A system will be needed. Additionally, a head table will be helpful. Other A/V equipment may also be needed.

Spread the Word

• Publicize the event. The more people that know about the event, the better the turnout and support for this and future events. Be sure to include notices to parents. The promotional materials provided may be used to contact local newspapers and other media. Mr. Little frequently makes TV and radio appearances in conjunction with his visits.

The Book, The Book, The Book

• Order books well in advance of Mr. Little’s arrival. Once the date is confirmed, you will be advised on the book ordering policy.

• The audience should be aware of Mr. Little’s books. Teachers can plan talks or projects based on his books. Additionally, signs, posters and flyers can be posted around the school. Students, teachers and parents will be more enthusiastic about his visit.

• Be sure to build enough time in the schedule for the book signing. Mr. Little’s preference is to autograph books for each group right after speaking. He prefers to have a slip of paper in each book with the child’s name printed on it. Additionally, have someone to assist the author in handling the books and possibly another person to make sure the line moves along smoothly.