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Robert Little’s mission is to academically motivate African American males in Title 1 elementary schools. For many African American males, the motivation for school appears to start diminishing at the primary elementary grades. It is critical that efforts are fortified to help this population when they are most impressionable (at the elementary level), as there exists a recursive relationship between the child, environment, and behavior. Further, since African American males are at a pronounced risk early in their academic careers, it stands to reason that this population is a prime target for help, prior to the possible onset of apathy.

So, what can be done to help this population early in their schooling?
• Professional Development Workshops for Educators
• Parental and Family Involvement Presentations for Parents
• Motivational Assembly Programs for Students

The professional development workshops for educators, parental and family involvement presentations for parents, and the motivational assembly programs for students will all have a focus on improving academic achievement for African American males in Title 1 elementary schools. However, strategies and insights from these sessions could potentially be of benefit to a broader population (i.e., African American females, students in higher grades, and students of other ethnicities).

“With attention currently focused on factors like improving teacher quality, overhauling curriculum and standards, and developing new assessments, one major factor is being overshadowed: the motivation of the students themselves. Even with the best administrators, faculty, curriculum, and materials in place, if students are not motivated to learn and excel, achievement gains will be difficult, if not impossible.”

— Center on Education Policy