About Robert

Robert Little, PhD, is an Educational Psychologist, Researcher, Nationally-Recognized, Award-Winning Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. He travels the country, presenting programs at schools and professional development conferences. In providing hundreds of presentations nationwide, Dr. Little has discovered his life’s purpose in impacting the lives of educators, parents, and students.

With Dr. Little having acquired a PhD in Educational Psychology, which is a blend of pedagogy and psychology, he has a wealth of knowledge in quantitative and qualitative analyses. Further, he has research interests in Human Motivation, Positive Psychology, and the Academic Achievement of African American males in Title 1 elementary schools. So, in essence, Dr. Little discerns ways motivation and goals affect learning, and create methods that help teachers to better understand how schoolchildren are motivated to learn and achieve. He is often referred to as “Dr. Motivation,” as essentially he is the motivational speaker who actually knows “Motivation.” More importantly, however, he is a former 5th grade classroom teacher that knows how theory works in the real world.

Dr. Little offers motivational assembly program to students, professional development for educators, and parents/families involvement presentations. He has acquired broad knowledge in how the learning processes work, and how novice information can be effectively transferred to various domains. Additionally, he possesses a wealth of experience in motivation theories, successful engagement strategies, and techniques on how best to reach in order to teach. His genuine desire is to apply his tactic knowledge, coupled with research-based best practices to help eliminate the achievement gap in elementary students, particularly African American boys in Title 1 schools.

Desiring to make a profound difference through his literary work, Dr. Little has written six books, four of which are children’s picture books. His children’s picture books are being used in schools nationwide for the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program. Additionally, his books have been the source for school plays, and adopted as “books-of-the-month” at many schools. His latest title, DREAMPOWER: Using Life Lessons, Research-based Practices, and the Psychology of Motivation to Win in Education was released after eight years of extensive research and writing. The book, coauthored with Dr. Joy Gorham Hervey, breaks new ground by combining positive psychology with heart-warming stories. Drs. Little and Hervey support research findings in human motivation with real-life experiences and cues from best educational practices. They highlight what works to motivate today’s students, communicate and develop partnerships with parents, and address the necessity of self-mastery. DREAMPOWER, a provocative and readable desktop companion, has become a go-to guide for thousands of educators.

Dr. Little has never forgotten his humble beginnings of growing up on a small farm in east central Mississippi. As such, he dedicates the majority of his time providing professional learning for educators, parent involvement strategies, and student motivational assembly programs in under-resourced communities (Title 1 Schools).