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Frequently Asked Questions

+How long are your programs?
My motivational presentations are usually 45-60 minutes for adult audiences. Schools and youth organizations generally like short programs from 30-45 minutes. However, all presentations can be adjusted to your specific needs. The seminars are generally full-day. However, I can create half-day programs or one hour modules, if needed.

+Do you accept purchase orders and credit cards?
Yes, we accept purchase orders, MasterCard and Visa.

+Do you tailor programs?
Yes, through communicating with you and/or other key people in your organization, I will gain a clear understanding of your specific needs. Additionally, for training seminars, I can prepare a training agenda outlined by time frame showing training objectives and training method for approval in advance. I will know your organization and the people prior to addressing them.

+Do you speak or train in areas other than those listed?
Yes, I do speak and trained in areas other than those listed. I will be happy to speak with you about needs that are not listed. Nonetheless, there are many areas in which I do not speak or train. I will not commit to offer you a program of which I am not qualified. I do, however, have associates and know other well-qualified speakers that may be able to help. I will gladly refer you to them.

+Who is your typical client or target audience?
I have been very fortunate to work with a very diverse group of clients. However, I work primarily in the education arena (education conferences, schools, youth organizations, etc.).

+Can you do a keynote address and a training session or two different training sessions on the same day?
I frequently do multiple training sessions or speaking engagements on the same day depending on the length. I encourage this practice and have discovered that schools benefit from it greatly. 

+To reduce cost, particularly travel, will you work with different organizations in the same area?
Yes, I will work with organizations to ensure the most cost-effective travel. However, you must speak with my office to outline the specifics.

+What are your fees?
Without knowing the specific needs of your organization, it’s almost impossible to quote a fee. However, if you contact my office, we will be happy to discuss this.