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Dr. Little’s Motivational Assembly Program

Dr. Little is the assembly speaker of choice. Described as a dynamic and powerful motivational speaker, Dr. Little addresses issues of self-efficacy, choices and achievement.

Motivational Assembly Program

DreamPower (Suggested Audience:K-6)
A major contributor in any student’s academic success, especially African American males, is the individual’s mindset, as it is important for this to be one of achievement and positive self-image. This is consistent with self-efficacy, meaning one has to believe the needed capacity is already possessed in order to accomplish a given task, and that the current knowledge, skills, and abilities are malleable for continued growth and development. Indeed, students with greater self-efficacy tend to be more determined and persistent, and are more apt to recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments.

Many African American males have the ability but are unwilling to apply it in the academic domain. As such, instilling a “scholarly identity” in African American males can improve their motivation. However, motivation will only occur if the expected outcome is valued. For example, a student may possess the ability to complete a given task in school; however, if academic achievement is irrelevant to him, there is little to no motivation to complete the task. Thus, the value attached to the expected outcome is critical. Furthermore, culture may be a factor in this equation. That is, the environment or culture in which a child lives may not promote academics, which may cause academic disidentification. As such, a strong, positive connection exists between values, culture, and motivation.

The multi-sensory learning motivational assembly program focuses on:
• the power of dreaming (vision and goals)
• improving self-efficacy
• character education
• literacy
• work ethic

The message from the motivational assembly program is reinforced in a fun and memorable way using storytelling, humor, visuals and audience participation, which are proven methods to keep elementary students engaged. My four children’s picture books that are being used in schools nationwide for the Accelerated Reader (AR) program will be weaved into the presentation, while stressing the importance of reading. The assembly will be entertaining, yet educational.

Self-efficacy is critical for life success; and self-efficacy is essential for students to achieve success academically. It is important for a person to believe that he or she has the abilities to be successful in a given situation, and that his or her destiny is not limited or set by others, but is self-controlled; this is the high level of self-efficacy mindset that needs to be embraced by academically successful students. Furthermore, self-efficacy is learned or taught. Consequently, bringing the principles of self-efficacy into Title 1 schools would benefit students and society.

Student motivational assembly programs are offered in duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Multiple assemblies, by grades, can be offered in a day’s session. Additionally, visits to multiple schools can occur in a day.

This presentation is based in part on Dr. Little’s book, What CAN I Be?

In addition to assembly programs, Dr. Little does book readings and leadership workshops for youth.

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“It’s one thing to read the many books that Dr. Little has written. It’s quite another to witness the energy and enthusiasm that he brings during his presentations. The children were able to make real-life connections. His presentation was exhilarating and left us feeling good. We thank Dr. Little for such a wonderful experience!”

– Vonda McKeever, Ph.D.
  Principal, Atlanta Public Schools


Dr. Little’s books are being used at many schools as books-of-the-month and recommended readings.